My dearest cat

I am Reshma, your hooman. How are you, my adorable woman? Although I call you a cat, you know I am your pet. This has been a well-kept secret, but pardon me a bit, my precious gift! Here, like all other humans, your hooman have spilt it. Nonetheless, you are not like us. Your eyes, unlike our mouths, never utter any undue and untrue things. Pattu, why does your nose smell my nose, but? Does it look like a little rosebud? Or do you wish to be there as a nose stud? 

My meow, your mother tongue is entirely new. Is this because it is the vernacular of love? Till now, you haven’t made any comment on disability. Tell me now! What is your thought on my visual debility? And winter is very near, my favourite! Even a pillow will need a blanket. What if you keep on hating it? 

Pattu, just a polite request from your pet! Would you be pregnant and breed before the forthcoming spring? My second book is awaiting to be seen by your children. I fucking promise you, my bosom friend! This time, I won’t allow anyone to throw out your black offspring owing to an unjust, orthodox opinion. My love, I won’t! Now, I have learned. I have learned that protecting poems is more important than producing them. So, please, produce a few *Kavis! Your pet is well-prepared to protect all of them, my poet! 

Assurance apart, can you hear my heart while converting my breast into your bed? If so, how does it sound? Lub-dub, lub-dub or love-dream, love-dream? Darling, does it express my every ineffable longing? Well, I altogether forgot your heartache, my heart! Where on earth is your beloved? Are we two in the same boat? Oh, no! Though, you seem so bold! Could you teach me to be so, my poet? I am sure that I will tutor you in reading this letter. 

Yours respectfully,

Reshma Selvaraj

*Kavi is the name of a black kitten, which was thrown out of my house without my knowledge. And this word also means ‘poem’ in my mother tongue, Tamil.

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Hello, my name is Reshma Selvaraj. I am a graduate with a bachelor's degree in English. I am from a village called Kombadi Thalavaipuram in Tuticorin, a southern district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil is my mother tongue. Though I studied English as a second language during my schooling, I enjoyed reading English poems and essays. As years passed by, I enrolled to study the literature of English in a college. That was when I began to read a lot of books both in Tamil and English. Thus I started to have a dream of becoming a writer. I have already written and published two short stories. The first short story, entitled “I have an interview tomorrow”, depicts the life of a disabled graduate searching for a job, and the second short story, titled “Aval Oru Maram”, defines the deforestation happening in the Western Ghats of India. This blog is to show the world that I am becoming what I wanted to become, and I hope that it will help you to become what you want to become.

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