In this article, we savour the first verse of the poem “Chinnanchiru Kiliye“, authored by Subramania Bharati. Categorised as “Kannan Pattu”, this verse portrays how a man who has fallen in love panegyrises his beloved. 

“சின்னஞ் சிறு கிளியே – கண்ணம்மா! செல்வக் களஞ்சியமே! என்னைக் கலி தீர்த்தே – உலகில் ஏற்றம் புரிய வந்தாய்!”

“O Kannamma! My diminutive parrot and the treasure trove of assets! Relieving me of every evil, you came to elevate me in the world,” a man plaudits his betrothed.

Let’s delve into this nicely-tied stanza’s niceties! The verse lets it slip that the man and lady lead a love relationship. Hence, it is typical of this man to eulogise his maiden. The man does as foreseen, calling her a tiny parrot and treasury of fortune. And then, he exclaims in delight that this lady has effaced his woes and enhanced his life in the world as well. 

This is one of the most-used Bharati’s poems in Tamil films. Therefore, there is no necessity for me to analyse this familiar verse any further. Yet, upon reading it, I found the words ‘செல்வக் களஞ்சியமே‘ weighty. Whilst most of the men in the 21st century destroy their wives’ lives for dowry, this poet of the 19th century delightedly calls his spouse a treasury. This makes me muse on how poor our modern minds are! 

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