What did ensue when a lady’s heart was hit by love? In this article, we will behold the summary of a song from the film “Kannathil Muthamittal“, directed by Mani Ratnam

“எந்த வாசல் வழி காதல் நடந்து வரும் என்று காத்துக் கிடந்தேன் அது வானில் பறந்து வந்து கூரை திறந்து வரும் என்று இன்று தெளிந்தேன்”

“I did wait for my love to walk through any door. I only realised today that it would fly in the sky and rip the roof away,” a lady does convey. 

If love blossoms as we expect, it won’t be esteemed at any rate. This lady does foresee that love will emanate from the gate. But unlike her estimate, it takes flight. And it opens the roof when she remains aloof. 

“தாவி வந்து எனை அணைத்த போது எந்தன் சல்லி வேர்கள் அறுந்தேன் சாவின் எல்லை வரை சென்று மீண்டு இன்று இரண்டு ஜென்மம் அடைந்தேன்”

“As it plunged straight and clenched me tight, I was removed from my rootlet. Having returned from the brink of death, today, I have attained a second birth,” she blurts out the truth with a bit of mirth. 

The verse above elucidates the consequence of love. The first line sheds light on the fact that it is not the lady who has fallen in love, but the love has fallen on her now. How can a fragile plant withstand a fierce wind? In the tempest of love, broken are the roots of this lady-love. 

The succeeding line makes me stunned. Love is only a form of emotion. Can it perform this reincarnation? No, we don’t have any confirmation. But in every human life, it is quite a transformation. That is what the lady tries to imply in this line. 

“துடிக்கும் உதடு கொண்டு துடைத்திடு வெட்கத்தை அணைப்பினாதிக்கத்தால் வெளியேற்று அச்சத்தை சுகமாய் சுகமாய்க் கொள்ளையிடு என் உயிரை மட்டும் விட்டுவிடு”

“Wipe away my shame with your throbbing lips. Take away my dismay with the dominance of your embrace. Loot with comfort, O man! But leave my life alone,” the lady does furnish an open invitation. 

The lady does look unsettled and afraid once she is struck by love. Hence, she does invite the man to eject those emotions from her heart. She believes that his kiss and embrace can do this act. And she approves him to rob everything except her life, for she aspires to live with him as his wife.

“சட்டென நனைந்தது நெஞ்சம் சர்க்கரையானது கண்ணீர் இன்பம் இன்பம் ஒரு துன்பம் துன்பம் எத்தனை பேரின்பம்”

“My heart got wet suddenly. My tears did become sugary. No, this pleasure is a misery. Though, what a bliss this anguish is!” the lady does express. 

Her desert heart is drenched in the drizzle of love. Her tears that were salt before have become sweet now. Yet, she feels this glee as an agony. And for her, that pain is a pleasure again. 

“உடலுக்குள் மல்லிகைத் தூறல் என் உயிருக்குள் மெல்லிய கீறல்  சுகமாய்… சுகமாய் சுகமாய்க் கொள்ளையிடு என் உயிரை மட்டும் விட்டுவிடு”

“Inside my body is a drizzle of jasmine. Inside my life is a thin laceration. Loot with comfort, O man! But leave my life alone,” the lady explains her emotion. 

Love is neither fun nor a pain. It is a combination of both emotions. The lady denotes only this with that contradiction. 

Yes, we have come to the conclusion. Rahman and Vairamuthu have their respective recognition. But Minmini is the one who has to be given much attention.

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