What do the sky and clouds that we admire above have to do with a lady’s wait for her love? In this article, we rejoice, paraphrasing some puissant lines of the song “Putham Puthu Olai” from the Tamil film “Vedham Pudhithu” directed by Bharathiraja.

“என்னென்ன தடை வந்த போதும் காதல் இறப்பதில்லை மேகங்கள் பொழிகின்ற வெள்ளம் வானத்தை நனைப்பதில்லை”

“No matter what the constraint, love will never die. The flood that clouds gush out will never wet the sky,” a lady sings in sheer confidence. 

Let’s examine this succinct verse’s nuances! Whilst a lady patiently bides her time before she meets her beloved man, she says that despite the deterrents, the love in her heart won’t ever die out, and the clouds-fed flood won’t ever make the sky wet. 

There seems to be some relation between those clouds and her love, doesn’t it? It is time to see what that is! So as to show us how strong her love is, she says that it will survive amidst all the agonising ordeals. And only to prove her point further, she has spoken of the shedding clouds at this juncture. 

For instance, according to science, the moisture in clouds becomes heavy and succumbs to gravity. This way, it returns to our earth’s surface as rain. Even though the celestial sphere(sky) bears these watery phenomena in it, it will never be moistened by the rains that the clouds shed, because after all, the sky has spread above them all. 

Saying these, the lady means that the cloud-like hurdles may rain many drops of distress; however, no misery can ever moisten the sky-high love that has outspread in her heart till now. Yes, it is just to remind us to remain confident that the lyricist of this song has implied the very same things in these two lines. 

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