When I was in the process of preparing the summary of the song “Unakkena Iruppen“, l was, for two days, stuck in a line, as I didn’t know what it meant. The only option I had then was to ask a question. I wrote my query on Quora. I waited for people’s opinions, only to receive their comparisons. Seeing two words of the line, everyone commenced comparing this song with another that has similar terms. Though their answers couldn’t fulfil my expectation, I shouldn’t restrict their freedom of expression. After all, I was the one who asked everyone’s opinion. 

It is better to educate than to fight, I thought. Therefore, I decided to write an analytical article with lines from three different songs of one poet. He is none but Na. Muthukumar, whose song I am going to quote in this post. Rain and drizzle are the things that we are going to talk about. Okay, let’s start. 

“முன்னம் ஒரு சொந்தம் வந்து மழை ஆனதே மழை நின்று போனால் என்ன மரம் தூறுதே” 

These lines are taken from the song “Aariro Aarariro” in the film “Deiva Thirumagal” released in 2011

An educated woman marries a mentally disabled man without the consent of her parents. However, she is leading a happy life with him and is expecting to have a baby soon. Life takes a turn as he finds her dead when their baby is born. We may think that raising a child is a challenge to this childlike man. Yet, we should not forget the fact that a child knows another child better. Yes, he takes good care of his daughter and hopes to make her a doctor. This song, played in the background, portrays their bond. These two lines throw stones on our pond of mind. 

“It was a long time ago that a relative came as rain. What if the rain stops when a tree drizzles again?” says a singing man. Wow! What a luscious line! 

In this, the word ‘rain’ means the love of the mother, and ‘tree’ defines none but the father. As per the situation, the woman has passed away, leaving her child with the disabled man. He raises the child all alone. That’s why the lyricist has written that though it’s not raining from above, the tree is drizzling its love. 

“முதல் முறை உன்னைப் பார்த்தது எங்கே மனதும் தேடும் மழை நின்ற பின்னும் மரக்கிளை இங்கே மெதுவாய்த் தூறும்”

These lines have been taken from the song “Thottu Thottu Ennai” in the film “Kaadhal” released in 2004

A schoolgirl leads a normal life until she falls for a poor mechanic man. She knows well that their love won’t be accepted by her family due to their economic inequality. Hence, she doesn’t reveal to them that she is in love with him. They do meet and chat but in secret. This song depicts how strong the love roots are in their hearts. These two lines send shivers down our spines. 

“My heart hunts for the place where I met you at first. A bough slowly drizzles drops, even if the cloudy rain stops,” the girl opens up. This lyric is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Once, the girl played with other school students and hit the man’s bike by accident. That is when she met him for the first time. But the meeting ended up only in fighting. 

Her heart does ponder this first encounter with great wonder. Here, by the words ‘rain and tree branch’, she refers that even though her brain forgot their first few fights, the heart reminds her of those sweet thoughts. 

“ஒரு மரங்கொத்திப் பறவை மனம் கொத்திப் போகுதே மழை நின்ற போதும் மரக்கிளை தூறுதே”

These lines are an extract from the song “Nijama Nijama” in the film “Bose” that was released in 2004

Our hero, who is a commando, gets a chance to serve as the personal security guard of the chief minister after rescuing him from kidnapping. Up close with the CM, the man gets to know the real side of him. When the man sees the minister molesting a girl, he shoots him to save her. Sacked from the army, the man goes to stay with his family. That is where he meets the same girl. Thus the bud of love blossoms between them. This song does inform us of love’s profound perfume. These two lines taken from the first section are written with excellent diction. 

“A woodpecker departs, pecking the heart. Even if the rain stopped, a tree branch drizzles a lot”, he says, puzzling us. 

Generally, woodpeckers use their beaks to peck the tree trunks. They do this for pests to prey and a place to stay. In the above lines, the lyricist has compared this bird to that girl. As the bird tries to be in the tree to eat every insect pest, she tries to be in his heart to ease every hurt of his past.  

Then, what does the word ‘rain’ mean? That is only to explain that even when he has lost all of his hopes in the past, her love sheds a few drops of hope now. 

We have come to the end of this essay. Still, I have a few things to say. It’s not the diction but the situation that defines every song’s emotion. Three songs written by one poet may have ten identical words. That doesn’t mean that these songs are the same. They are different from the beginning to the end. I wish you a happy weekend.

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