What may be the purpose of seeing the beloved when our eyes are closed? In this article, we will relish some lines of the song “Sakalakala Vallavane” from the Tamil film “Pammal K. Sambandam“. 

“காதல் ஒற்றைக் கண்ணில் காமம் ஒற்றைக் கண்ணில் எந்தக் கண்ணால் என்னைப் பார்க்கிறாய் கண்ணா கண்ணா

காமம் காதல் ரெண்டும் எந்தன் கண்ணில் இல்லை கண்கள் மூடி உன்னைக் காண்கிறேன் கண்ணே கண்ணே”

“If love is in one eye, and lust is in the other, which eye do you see me with, O my dear?” a lady probes her beloved, to which he answers as follows; “My eyes have neither of the two: lust and love. Though, I behold you, closing my eyes, O my love!”

It is time for us to peruse this verse to perceive its nuances. A woman inquires to her dear man what eye he employs to see her if he has love in one eye and lust in another eye, and the man responds that he doesn’t have either libido or love in his both eyes, but even so, he sees her with his eyes closed. 

What is this? How can one see with closed eyes?‘ you may ask me. But worry not. I am here to clear up your every doubt. The lady wants to know if what the man feels for her is pure love or mere lust. That’s why she asks him, “Let’s say you have a loving eye and a lustful eye. In that case, which eye do you see me with?” 

In response to this question, the man genuinely says that he has neither of those in his eyes and sees her, shutting the twos. Just think for a second! Besides God, whom do we descry with our closed eyes? No one, am I right? It is what the man has implied in his reply. Yes, he doesn’t see but feels his beloved as godhead. Thanks to Poet Kabilan! With this verse, he once again proves the point that God is love

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