A few days ago, there was a celebration in our house, to which some of my relatives were invited. I used to welcome them, but it’s not my habit to sit and chat with them if they come home, for I think that in my life farm, this is sowing time. Even if they are furious, this is what the truth is.

Now, we can go back to the fest that we talked about first!

Among the relatives was one of my uncles. When he came home, I was already writing in my room so I couldn’t welcome him. It was not the first time that I couldn’t wait. Things like this have happened many times in the past. As I thought he would know that I had gone to write, I found no fault in my act. But only later did I realise that he had had everything in his heart.

While I was feeding input, my tummy was pleading for food. It was getting too late, I thought.

I came out of the room, only to find out that it was already afternoon.

“Ma, can I have something to eat?” I asked my mom.

“Reshma, do you know to cook?” asked my uncle.

“No, uncle,” answered I.

Then, who will cook for your husband?” asked my uncle.

I remained silent, as I considered his question unethical.

Though, he didn’t bother and resumed his talk with my father.

“You should have taught her, my brother!”

I wondered that if I were a man, would my uncle have asked me the same question? Nope, he wouldn’t. If I were a man, I would certainly be asked about my book. But I am a woman, and so I am asked if I know to cook.

Dear men, before wanting women to learn, just listen for a while! Cooking is an essential life skill. If you wish to, stand on a hill, which will chill you and tell you that you need a wife, not a chef.

I am a woman, and my home doesn’t only have a kitchen. Dear men, before asking me if I know to sweep with a broom, go for a run in every room. If you do, you will come to know my dream. I don’t say that I won’t serve my husband. I will. I am sure that he will be served not only with ice creams but also with nice poems. If women can take pens, can’t they cook with spoons? They can, and they will. There is no need for despair. We know when to prepare. If you can’t wait, I think your brains need repair.

Then, I want to ask another question. Why should men be so dependent on their wives and moms? If their hands can learn to eat, why can’t they learn to cook for them? They can cook as women because, after all, we are all human.

Dear sexist men, what else are you waiting for, then? Women are ready to learn to cook and clean. When will you be ready to learn that we are all human?

(Written on 26 Feb 2021)

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