In India, love alone has killed more people than any terror attack, recent research has revealed, to our shock. After reading this result a few days back, I was a little taken aback. 

It is pretty common for any human to be in love with someone. At the same time, it is also more common to lose them after some time. When we are in love with things, we can have them easily, as they are insentient with no feelings. But it is not the same with human beings. 

When we love a human – be it a man or a woman, we must have obtained their consent. They must have felt what we have felt and must have face to face expressed it to us. If it can be called love, the relationship must be reciprocal. What is unrequited is not love at all. 

Likewise, we can neither convince nor command someone to love us. Even if we are in mature, mutual love, we may still be rejected by our loved ones. That is all right. They have every right to reject. Love is not life as we all speculate. Love is just a part of life, even though a myriad of poets may exaggerate. 

And first love is not an end. Love can be found second. So, give your mind a second! Allow your heart to love once again! Come what may, we have to move on. Try to find out what caused your first love to fail fast. And resolve not to repeat that fatal fault when you are in the next love. 

A stillborn love will instil in us more confidence than a victorious one. Therefore, we ought to be patient enough to learn from our failed love. Do remember that even a minute of impatience may inflame us. As a result of it, any injurious act we commit, whether it be murder or suicide, will never be justified. Moreover, neither that murderer nor the one murdered can ever have a second life. 

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