I grew up listening to multilingual songs. From my early childhood, music has been my favourite food that my ears eat in solitude. I am M+ if you ask the group of my blood. I have to ask a question, but. Indian songs celebrate womanhood.

If a song praises women’s sacrifice, it will immediately be hailed as a masterpiece. It will be made as ringtones and shared as Reels.

Before I ask you a question, it’s good to be at peace.


Why is it that we always want women to sacrifice? Don’t they have any other goals to accomplish? If you are a spouse and ask your wife in the house, she will reveal that her dream is not to cook rice but to work in an office.

Mother is the one who comes first on this list. We have numerous lyricists to celebrate her hunger and thirst. They may think that this is just, but to be frank, this is not.

Songs may portray mothers as martyrs, but mothers are just mothers. They, too, have every emotion and monthly menstruation like others.

If a woman quits her education for her daughter or son, she will be celebrated to be dedicated. If she hides her emotion for them, she will be honoured to be devoted. If she abides by all the suppression, she will be called to be the best of all who exist.

On the whole, a woman needs to forget that she is a woman, only to be called divine.

If so, no, they don’t need to live in this prison for any reason. I mean, it’s not time to celebrate them, but to equate them, even if you are her son.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy women’s day.

(Written on 08 Mar 2021)

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