How can a man stay away from his beloved woman? In this article, we behold a succinct synopsis of the second verse of the poem “Theertha Karaiyinile“, penned by Subramania Bharati. Classified as “Kannan Pattu“, this verse depicts the tormenting pain of the man when he is left alone by his beloved maiden. 

“மேனி கொதிக்குதடீ – தலை சுற்றியே வேதனை செய்குதடீ வானி லிடத்தையெல்லாம் – இந்த வெண்ணிலா வந்து தழுவுதுபார். மோனத் திருக்குதடீ – இந்த வையகம் மூழ்கித் துயிலினிலே, நானொருவன் மட்டிலும் – பிரிவென்பதோர் நரகத் துழலுவதோ?”

“This body burns, my beloved lady! Dizzying relentlessly, my head harms me! The moon arrives to embrace the entire space of the sky. A vast silence has reigned in the world as it is fast asleep. Am I the only one who wanders in this torture of rupture?” avers the narrator. 

This verse does disclose that the man and the lady are leading a love relationship. Thus, the pair have planned to brave a rendezvous. Howbeit, the lady doesn’t succeed in reaching the place. This deeply pains the man, and so his body begins to burn. In addition, the man complains that he is feeling faint. He sees the moon soothing the sky and everyone sleeping silently. However, this lonely lover is the only one who sustains an unpleasant separation.  

Everyone is fine except the man is what this extract does mean. We all know very well that this is the continuation of the previous article. Hence, it is tangible that everything takes place close to a temple. Just like the last verse, the poet has used long vowels in these lines to emphasise his pains

The sky is warmed by the sun from dawn, but it is calmed by the moon in the dark. The world is busy during the daylight, but it is at peace as he awaits at night. Thus, the man laments that at the moment, except for him, every one of them is all right. 

When you read the question, you may conclude that the bard may sound like a child. But he may not. Won’t we go wild if we are not replied to our message within a minute? At that particular date, he can neither chat nor date. All he expects is to meet his sweetheart. Won’t he regret her act of making him wait till late at night?

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